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User Generated Content is the new buzz word in social media but what is it and how can you leverage it for your content strategy?

User Generated Content (UGC) used to be a term to describe content that was made by customers. But it has evolved into an entirely different style of content that have become a huge part of some of the most successful brand’s social media strategy. Here’s everything you need to know about UGC.

What Is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User Generated Content (UGC) are videos created in the style of a customer or influencer. They’re usually created on a smart phone with minimal editing. 

The content usually is filmed from the point of view of a customer. Some examples are unboxings, Get Ready With Me, Product Demonstrations and many more. 

This type of content is effective at building trust and credibility on social media because of the organic nature of the content.

Why Is UGC Important for brands?

Due to the organic nature of UGC, it has been proven effective when it comes to conversion and building trust with their audience. Although professionally edited content does have its own perks, UGC-style content comes across as more authentic. Audiences have grown to trust a brand who has a range of UGC on their feeds.

Who Uses UGC?

Traditionally it used to be customers who posted the content and then the brands would share if they were tagged. But, seeing how popular UGC-style content has become, Brands realised they needed a regular income of UGC content and it wasn’t smart to rely on the inconsistent stream of content from their customers. Some of the most followed fashion brands on TikTok heavily rely on UGC.

How Can I Get UGC Content for my brand?

There are a number of ways to get a steady stream of UGC to post to your social media accounts. You can come to a content creation agency like ours who specialise in creating UGC content. This would give you complete control over the narrative of your brand and how much content you would like produced. 

Another option is working with influencers. This would gain you access to the influencer’s audience too but you would have to pay a premium for that access and, depending on the size of the audience, it might be a sizeable premium.

If you’re interested in adding UGC content to your social media strategy – get in touch today.

Digital creator & lead creative behind SCS Studio. Mandy has worked with a number of brands including Pom Pom & Arooba Beauty to produce social media content that is both engaging and shareable.

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